/Embrace The Healthy Popcorns Now Available In Almost 100 Different Flavours

Embrace The Healthy Popcorns Now Available In Almost 100 Different Flavours

All of us love popcorn. Be it watching movies or just munching on them while reading a book, popcorns are extremely hard to say no to. But, we have limited ourselves to caramel and cheese when it comes to flavours. Did you know that you can have around 100 more flavours to choose from?

Shams Fast Food Centre at Null Bazar in South Bombay has over 100 flavours of popcorn. Yes, you read that right. From classic slated to chilli cheese, their menu of flavours left a very big smile on our faces. We tried the cream & onion, pani puri, jalapeno and mint flavoured popcorn and they were absolutely delicious. They basically use different kind of seasonings which give the corns a very distinct taste.

The popcorn is freshly made right in front of you. You can even mix and match the flavours. Some of the other unique options they have are nachos, American chop suey, sizzling barbeque, pizza and chocolate. One packet is available for INR 50 and it’s big enough to keep you hunger-free for some time. They have also set a stall at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival so you can enjoy them there too.

Move over mainstream popcorns and add some masala to your palate. The stall also has some chat and Frankie options in case you need something to accompany your popcorn.

Address: Shop 1-B, Lehri Manzil, Phool Gali Masjid, Near Shalimar Cool Point, Null Bazar, Kumbharwada, Mumbai

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