/Dive Into Chocogasm At The Chocolate Room Cafe

Dive Into Chocogasm At The Chocolate Room Cafe

The region of Ghatkopar is always under construction be it the numerous buildings that are in progress or the popular cafes and other eateries that are opening up their subsidies in here. A few weeks ago we shared with you about “The Hungry Head” that specializes in serving Maggi centric dishes ranging from Pizzas to Sizzlers. The Ghatkopar outlet of The Hungry Head sits right next to a quirkily decorated Dessert house “The Chocolate Room”.

The cafe is filled with quirky décor, a hanging bicycle with swinging chairs, murals of buildings and vintage yellow lights illuminating the room. The cafe stays true to it’s name with an abundance of chocolate and other sweet delicacies on the menu. There are classic sundaes which are accompanied along with lip smacking chocolate mousse, brownie, sponge and chocolate truffle. A chocogasm experience.

The cafe to balance the sweetness also has some amazingly tasting burgers and finger food which are just as mouth watering as their delicacies. The cafe hasn’t yet caught up with the freak shake trend that the staff has revealed has been asked for, from quite a lot of customers but their Belgium Frappes makes up for the freak shake with thick consistency jar rimmed with a mountain of whipped cream.

The cafe also has an outside seating arrangement with fake grass carpet and greenery surrounding giving away an easy atmosphere. The cafe is right on the street and thus is hard to miss out on but that also results in the parking issues so avoid driving your personal vehicle.

So next time when you have a chocolate rush over to The Chocolate Room.

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