/Dhabas That Keep The Authenticity Of Punjab Flowing Food-wise & Atmosphere-wise

Dhabas That Keep The Authenticity Of Punjab Flowing Food-wise & Atmosphere-wise

Living a City Life, we are too used to eating fast food and habituated to eating all kind of foreign cuisines that are available to us, all thanks to daily emerging new restaurants with are establishing themselves with cuisines that are being made available to us from all over the world. But, to everyone who loves Indian Cuisines, Punjabi stays favorite for all. With every station providing numerous amount of Family restaurants that undoubtedly serves all kind of Punjabi dishes people still crave the authentic flare that Punjabi Culture brings in their food, which is sightly but dominantly missed by the usual restaurants.

Thus, Dhaba’s are so beloved by the Mumbaikars, because bring the complete authentic flare to the Punjabi cuisine by cooking the dishes on the authentic Chulhas and huge Tawas and also serving along in the Punjab-inspired Atmosphere of Khaats, Rusted Wooden Tables and simple Indian Steel Thali and bowls.

Here, are most renowned and authentically pleasing with mouth watering food taste and smell serving Dhaba’s that exists in and around the Mumbai Roads.

1. Dara’s Dhaba:-

What comes to your mind when you think of the State of Punjab? Khaats, Farming, Animal Carts, basically Countryside feel and that’s exactly what you feel and see as you enter gates of Dara’s Dhaba with the Hut like Exterior and insides filled with colorful cartwheels surrounding the seating area which comprise of normal wooden tables and khaats which provide comfort with log pillows. The Dhaba has an amazing variety of food to provide which include all the delicacies of Punjab and flavors from little Indo-Western menu items. The Dhaba also used to have access to alcohol and cocktails which is now questionable due to the law passed by the Supreme Court regulation.

2. Pritam Da Dhaba:-

Situated near the Dadar Railway Station and the Shopping Area the Dhaba makes up perfect location for city dwellers who can’t venture out on the highways to be served in Dhaba-like atmosphere. Providing both Indoor and Outdoor seating arrangement, with Indoor being a normal restaurant like the arrangement and outdoor providing the Dhaba-like arrangement. The easily accessible Dhaba serves both multiple dishes in vegetarian and Non-vegetarian dishes.

3. Guru Da Dhaba:-

Unlike the others on the list, this one is pretty simple and ordinary when it comes to it’s interiors, but the old Dhaba has it’s visitors coming back to it for over 20 years now. Residing in Andheri Lokhandwala area, the Dhaba is pretty affordable yet promising a lip-smacking authentic Punjabi food. Look out for the seasonal Sarsoo k Sang along with Makai Di Roti in Winter season.

4. Downtown Dhaba:-

Another ordinary looking Dhaba but promising authentic North Indian Food along with Chinese Cuisine and also a variety of Biryani. Residing in Prabhadevi the Dhaba offers a good length of delivery service extending to Dadar and Worli. The food is loved by all the customers and with the owner actually residing from Delhi has a petulant taste of North Indian Cuisine.

5. Papa Pancho Da Dhaba:-

The Dhaba has three branches with two residing in both East & West of Bandra and the third in Lower Parel. The first one came into shape was in Bandra West, with four out five in rating on the Zomato App, the place is pretty and classy in it’s form serving brass utensils with colorful interiors. The place is also pretty easy on the pocket, serving the worth food worth it’s value.

6. Pratap’s The Dhaba:-

The Oshiwara Dhaba again serves it’s customers with Punjabi authentic atmosphere with wicker lamps hanging above and Khaats to sit in comfort. The dhaba knows a trick or two of charms as they serve it’s customers with a glass of Jaljeera on their arrival completely complimentary. The dhaba provides both Ac and Non-Ac seating arrangements and it’s recommended to make reservations on weekends as the place is very famously full. Customers love the Pani Puri shots served by the dhaba and keep returning back to it.

7. Mitran Da Dhaba:-

The Dhaba again has the authentic Dhaba-like atmosphere which is out in the open. Situated behind the Bus-stand in Bhandup the place opens up at six in the evening and is full immediately. The food is promising with mostly inclined towards Non-vegetarian dishes but also has enough for vegetarian pals. The place is pretty easy on pocket again and serves value to the cost.

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