/Check Out This Quaint Little Parsi Cafe Hidden Away In The By-Lanes Of Dadar- East

Check Out This Quaint Little Parsi Cafe Hidden Away In The By-Lanes Of Dadar- East

Hidden away in a simple by-lane of Dadar -East region hooked in an ordinary looking society gate resides this sweet quaint Parsi Cafe which may look pretty small from inside with just seats for the customers but has a very refreshing outside seating arrangement with plants surrounding and various stone built floor and walls inside and outside of the cafe. The cafe is easy going with calming vibes to it what with it being hidden away one of the silent lanes of the neighborhood. So you could spend a relaxing hour or two at Cafe 792, with a bunch of friends or all by yourself with work or some nice novel. To keep you company you will have some trust-worthy Parsi Claimed snacks and desserts.

The place is pretty well vouched by its loyal customers for their tasty menu and dishes. Some of the customer favorites include club sandwich which is well stuffed and tasty, the quiches and puffs are always fresh, the open bread sandwiches are super cheesy and yummy along with a range of die for sliders. They also serve the Parsi favorite Pulao-Dal which is very well authentically served. The desserts are the most promising the topping the list being the mouth watering Chocolate Eclairs. And don’t worry they stay easy on your Pocket just like their Parel counterparts, the Meal for two is averaged to just INR 400. They also provide Delivery services within the Hindu Parsi surrounding regions.

One of a unique bearing of this eatery that they layout monthly menus of new dishes that they introduce for the month, just like some monthly schedule. The rates are subjected to change though they promise never get unreasonably high at any times.