/Check Out This Newly Opened Ice Cream Parlor Which Offer Affogato Float

Check Out This Newly Opened Ice Cream Parlor Which Offer Affogato Float

Winter is in the city in full swing, and for some will think it’s time to say bye bye to Cold beverages, but we are from that kind of lot who enjoys consuming the chills of cold even while it’s getting icy outside. There is a different kind of thrill in teetering with cold ice cream while standing amongst cold winds.

And to relish that thrill, a new ice cream parlor has opened up in the Andheri, Lokhandwala vicinity, by the name Peko Peko. Opened recently, Peko Peko offers delicious ice creams for every palette. Some of the flavours they offer include dark chocolate sea salt, sweet and salted caramel, green apple and basil sorbet, arabica and vanilla bean.

Located right behind New Sai Texprocil Apartment in Lokhandwala, Peko Peko is garnering a lot of good reviews for the taste it offers. You can even choose to have an affogato float, made from any ice cream in the menu. They also have vegan options on the menu and did we tell you that it’s pet-friendly as well?

If you are a sucker for good ice creams, jot this one down on your list asap. It has a range of options to keep you occupied with taste.

Address: Store 5, New Sai Texprocil Apartment, Ganesh Chowk Marg, Near The Club, Andheri West, Mumbai.

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