/Check Out This Library Cafe Called Bombay To Barcelona & Know The Story Behind It

Check Out This Library Cafe Called Bombay To Barcelona & Know The Story Behind It

The food serving industry has involved to vast extends in recent years, whats with starting cafes and eateries being opened in various forms with varied themes, some for quirkiness and some for special causes and bringing help for the rightful needful. The Mirchi & Mime being an excellent example for bringing resourceful themed eatery in the city. Bombay to Barcelona is just yet another example of it kind. The story that comes along with the cafe and the owner of it is as inspiring and will surely give you feels.

Bombay To Barcelona opened its gates to the city on the 15th of August of this year, the Cafe resonates itself as the Library Cafe, thus providing Books, Beverage and Snacks to stall along with. Amin Sheikh comes with a hard struggled past life, but with all his dedicated efforts, we can also accept a shinning future for him, and this start up of his. His most important policy for the cafe lie in not causing ant discrimination against any human. He receives help by willing volunteers in managing the cafe.

Walking back a little on the story of the owner, Amin Sheikh was a street kid for a part of life, that is at the innocent age of of five, after which three years later an orphanage took him in, where he learned the value of home and family and through the years, he has learned the value of respect in giving and receiving. Today, he stands tall with this venture and wishes to help others find their way as well.

As a library cafe, you are allowed to take books only if you’re willing to donate books in return. You can specify the reason for your donation or why you’d want that particular book to be read by the others. Along with that, you can find some handmade crafts, jewelry, projects, and ornaments prepared by kids from the NGO – Snehsadan (an organization for the welfare of street kids). All these items are up for sale.

That was about the Library part, looking into the Cafe part, the menu includes options in Pastas, Tapas, Sandwiches, Crepes, Yougurt Spinach Roll, Mushroom Onion Sandwich, Spanish Omelets, baked Yogurt and other Desserts. In Drinks there are Teas, Coffee and Juices. In juices try, Cucumber & Spinach juice along with Beetroot, Carrot and Apple Juice.

Address: Golden Nest Society Apartments, Mapkhan Nagar, Aashiyana Society, Marol, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400047

Phone: 077384 46788

Approx cost: ₹500 for two people