/Check Out The Burrrp Cafe’s Fusion Of Rajasthani & Italy Cuisine

Check Out The Burrrp Cafe’s Fusion Of Rajasthani & Italy Cuisine

While generally in every station of Mumbai city, the west side is where all the glam and glory stands, the case shifts to East when it comes to the Ghatkopar station. The famous Khau Galli of Ghakopar already sits in the eastern part, but the Vikrant circle that is a few meters ahead of the same Khau Galli is now known as the Youngsters joint, since the region is filled with franchises of all the popular Food joints.

One of the many joints that resides in this region is also The Burrrp, a tiny by space but elegant by appearance, the space has rapidly caught the attention of the masses with their lip smacking menu. The menu holds some quick snack dishes ranging from the appetizers, Pasta, Burgers and like. It does also have some Indian oriented items on the menu which are served with western twists to them.

One that we never thought will follow the line of western twists was Dal Khichdi, but guess what here they have brought that change. The Burrrp serves Dal Khichdi Risotto, a dreamy Cheesy version of Dal Khichdi, would be definitely loved by all the Cheese lovers, which we all are. They have a lot of more whacky dishes to serve their customers with.

The Chessboard floored eatery has customers lining up and has always a waiting line outside of it.


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