/Check Out The Burger Brasserie Who Has A Yummy Indian Twist To Their Burgers

Check Out The Burger Brasserie Who Has A Yummy Indian Twist To Their Burgers

Lately, we have made it a pattern for ourselves, where ever we go dine, if the menu has the word burger to it, we are treating ourselves to a Burger, and the Burger hogging expedition has been anything but bad. We can safely say Burgers are our new Pizza.

And just recently we bumped into this Burger special eatery in Lokhandwala locality of Andheri, and if we don’t convince you enough then you must visit Zomato page and reviews over there and their 4.4 rating should surely do the convincing. The Burger Brasserie could be at the peak of the list of Best burgers of town.

If you ever defined Burgers as Dry and scratchy food items after a rather bad experience you are sure to change that description once you get the taste of Burgers at The Burger Brasserie, as the burgers here are Fresh, Juicy and Healthy at their best of level. If size is what we are talking, then let us make you known they are BIG pretty big and fulfilling, does overall giving value for the money paid.

The Menu is pretty descriptive about every Burger they are serving so you will know perfectly well what you will be indulging in before it’s served on your table. When we said the burgers here are juicy and healthy, it comes with fusion skills of the chef that the burgers don’t have the general deep fried tikkis to it like usual rather they have Indian special gravies in place of tikkis. The vegetarian section includes options like Paneer Makhani Burger, Palak Paneer Burger, Hara Bhara Burger while the Non-vegetarian includes Pahadi Murg, Angara Murg Tikki, and Pulled Butter Chicken Burger.

They also have vast varieties in dipping and also for siddings and along is a section for Desi Poutine, a popular Canadian Street food. And finally there are several options in beverages ranging from cool to hot in Tea, Coffee, Shakes and general coolers.

The place should be a sure shot on any burger lovers list and also for the non-lovers who will surely change their feelings for burger post their hogging session at The Burger Brasserie.