/Check Out The Best Of Best On The Menu Of Slurp & Burp

Check Out The Best Of Best On The Menu Of Slurp & Burp

Two extremes of the city- Mulund & Borivali now have outlets of the same chain of Eatery that is Slurp & Burp. The easy simple little eatery may look ordinary to eyes, but their menu is filled dishes which are anything but simple, with numerous fusions to look forward to along with temptingly mouth-watering food, this place is makes a must visit for fast food and snacks lovers. If Pizza, Pasta, Sandwiches and yummy shakes are answer to your happy tummy times, here is where you should be driving to.

Here are a list of things from the menu,

Indiana Jones Sandwich consisting of cabbage, tomato and green bell peppers stuffed between slices of bread slathered with Schezwan Sauce and is grilled to perfection. It’s topped with loads and loads of grated cheese and served along with a lip-smacking green chutney.

Try out Paneer Pasta Pizza & enjoy best of both the worlds together with this tempting Pizza loaded with Paneer cubes and Pasta cooked in White Sauce and of course lots of Cheese!

Club Sizzler, one of their signature dishes. It is loaded with Noodles, Exotic Veggies, Sliced Paneer Pieces, Fries and Pepper Sauce topped with grated Cheese. You have an option to choose the base between Rice, Noodles, and Spaghetti.

Now lets jump on the dessert part of the menu, where you can try this Chocolate falooda that cups in this huge cone kinda shaped glass, which is topped with a heavy dose of dry fruits and raisins.

This another Kulfi Falooda served in the ancient Ice cream glass bowls consists of Malai Kulfi, Chia Seeds, Vermicelli and Cold Milk topped with jellies and finely copped dry fruits.

Owing to the season of berries try out this Strawberry falooda, freshly made with thick smoothie like consistency. Other beverage on the menu include milkshakes like the unique Black rose milkshake, and also their freshly pressed juices which include Miami Mischief and Norway Novelty which are again made from juice and everyone’s favorite fruits like strawberry and kiwi.


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