/Charity Doesn’t Sees Bank Balance, A Charity Cause Through Vada Pav

Charity Doesn’t Sees Bank Balance, A Charity Cause Through Vada Pav

If you are a 90s kid, and born and brought up Mumbaikar, you have for sure being baffled with the constant price hike we have been facing for one of the cheapest and most assuring food item of the city, that being Vada Pav. We very well remember when we used to buy Vada Pav for mere INR 5, during our school breaks, the taste most of the time assured and enough fulfilling to get us through the six hours of the school.

Today, Vada Pavs are sold for prices that from INR 17 to 25, while it’s pretty reasonable with the time gap, though the price change can be pretty noticeable with the easy approachability Mumbaikars have always have had with the food item. We have all had Celebrities and famous personalities which have their struggle stories deeply connected to this simple food item.

Remember, Dhirubhai Ambani of Reliance once used to sell Vada Pav on the streets, remember Shah Rukh Khan once stating that during his struggling years he served his appetite over two Vada Pavs a day. People of Mumbai rich or poor, always have had a sentimental connection to Vada Pavs.

Now while Dhirubhai Ambani and Shah Rukh may not be bothered with the price hike, kids of under privileged may not find easy accessibility to the food item. Though there is this one Vada Pav wala at Sion Circle who has kept it’s price of Vada Pav INR 5 since the day it started a decade ago. They express their understating towards the kids and their parents difficulty with School break snacks, as they have walked the same path during their younger days.

Thus, any students in school or college uniforms are served Vada Pav for just INR 5. With their cheap rate yet healthy and tasty Vada Pav they always have a constant flow of Kids on their stall, the Vendor is pretty known around the area and everybody appreciates their good cause of Charity.


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