/Bomberry In Tardeo Serves Smoothies & More From Freshly Produced Berries From Mahabaleshwar

Bomberry In Tardeo Serves Smoothies & More From Freshly Produced Berries From Mahabaleshwar

There is an all new Cafe opened in the South Bombay region, precisely in Tardeo which seems like it has come straight out of one of our favorite Pinterest boards, completely washed in white color with in between touches of black. “Bomberry” comes from Mahabaleshwar as it successfully caught the attention of Mumbaikars at the month long kitchen at The Pop Up Hut.

Coming from Mahabaleshwar the cafe has its menu centered to everything berries. They use freshly produced fruits such as Mulberries, Raspberries, and Strawberries as well as produces like Kale, Basil, and Zucchini from their farms in Mahabaleshwar. At Bomberry, they make thick creameries, a kind of shake made with berries, fresh cream and flavored ice cream, the sound of it, itself is too tempting… for quick bites & nibbles, they’ve got plenty of options that won’t make you too quickly when you hit the gym the next day. One of the other unique section of the menu includes smoothie bowls, which comprise of super thick smoothies with toppings of slices of fruits and other healthy toppings; an LA concept of healthy snack bowls. Others include sandwiches like exotic veg pesto panini, corn from around the world such as the green mango corn, cheesy Mexican corn and more. There’s even fritters and Frankies to choose from when hunger strikes.

The cafe is all healthy fruit based menu for the most part with pressed juices, frappes and quick on the go meal. And for the best part, the cafe is pretty affordable with the prices starting from INR 120 going up to INR 360 with INR 500 being an average cost for two.

We just can’t wait to check out this beauty of a place, we say you go there soon too.