/Bombay Vintage Of Colaba Serves A MultiCultural Menu For All The Parts Of India That Reside In The City

Bombay Vintage Of Colaba Serves A MultiCultural Menu For All The Parts Of India That Reside In The City

Bombay has always kept it’s arms and doors open for every and all kinds of people to come here, thus, the city is not primarily populated by a single culture or religion but is a space of Multiculture, defining each of it’s citizens as it’s own.

Going by that same feeling, the recently reopened, ‘Bombay Vintage’, is the eatery that has opened it doors in Colaba region which has on it’s menu all the specialities of every Indian religion you could think of, coming from North, South East and West.

The bright azure blue walls with vintage posters sourced possibly from Chor Bazaar and the odd collection of Mumbai-themed books on the shelves make you want to spend more time at this cafe. The food here is an interesting mix of staple Bombay fare like Kheema Pao, Bombil Fry, Dhansak, and Missal Pao along with cuisine of Mangalorean, Gujarati, Marathi, and North Indian origin.

We started our lunch while sipping on to Kokum Spritzer and enjoying Prawns Koliwada and the brilliantly prepared crispy Kurkure Bhendi. Not too many places can get this Bhendi right but Bombay Vintage has mastered the dish.

For the main course, we tried Ghee Roast Chicken with Neer Dosa and after a strong recommendation by the staff we also ordered a Bombil Fry and I am glad we took his pro-tip. The Ghee Roast chicken was boneless and well cooked in ghee with a distinct aroma and taste of fresh curry leaves. Though red in colour, this dish is not pungent and also does not leave your hands red with artificial colours like some other eateries.

For dessert, we called for Chocolate Ganache Mousse which we, of course, finished in no time. Oh, and Bombay Vintage has also started thali meals from Monday to Friday for lunch at fairly reasonable prices.

The menu here has a wide variety of dishes like Gujarati Sev Khamani, Bohri Smoked Chicken Samosas, Kombi Vadey, Sindhi Curry, De-shelled Maharashtrian Crab Masala, and Nalli Nihari all served under one roof.

So the next time you are in a mood to explore the multicultural cuisine of Mumbai, you know where to go.

I hope Bombay Vintage starts a breakfast menu and also adds a few more dishes to the dessert section which currently is rather uninspiring in comparison to the other menus at this cafe.

Address: Indian Mercantile Mansion, Opp. Regal Cinema, Regal Circle, Madame Cama Road, Colaba, Mumbai.