/At Shake Me Up You Are Served Your Burgers On Top Of A Cheesy Pizza

At Shake Me Up You Are Served Your Burgers On Top Of A Cheesy Pizza

Chefs are the best kind of people in the world, they serve something that is loved by all and the best way they know. Also Chefs are amazingly creative and have the ability to create something great out of anything. Mumbai Chefs are taking up challenges of making two distant worlds in food industry meet with varied dishes. The Chefs at Shake Me Up in Mira Road have brought the world of Burgers and Pizzas together.

Shake Me Up serves Pizzas in which one of the toppings also include a whole Burger and wholsomely drizzled with Cheese. So now you don’t have to fight with your taste-buds cravings between Pizzas and Burgers, just head over to Shake Me Up and order there Burger On Pizza just for INR 329. The Eatery is simple at their décor and interiors but you are surely about to be surprised once you take a glance at their menu, the space is everything about serving tasty and comfort food.

For the Chef here, Pizza is like a yummy edible platter which can be topped with yummy things, hence they have Pizzas on menu which include toppings of Peri Fries and Cheese Nacho Fries and like. The cafe also has yummy desserts and shakes which include Caramel Popkon Freakshake, Down-hill Sundae, Bana-tella waffle and more in Waffles and also something for Marshmellow and Nutella lovers.

The Menu at Shake Me Up doesn’t follow the customary form and rather start with their Dessert section, followed by Shakes and Drinks and finally comes the Pizzas and Burgers. A visit to the cafe will leave you in food-comma without making a hole in your pocket!