/Ark Deck & Bar City’s First On The Sea Lounge Opens By The First Week Of January

Ark Deck & Bar City’s First On The Sea Lounge Opens By The First Week Of January

Last month we informed you about a Delhi woman’s bids being choosen to built Mumbai’s first on the Sea Restaurant, the said upcoming restaurant will not be up until the end of 2018. it is being planned to be based from the coastline from Gate of India. But seems like it will after all not be the very first on the sea restaurant as Ark Deck & Bar is opening by the end of 2017 or at the most by the first week of January.

While, the coastline of Mumbai is one of it’s most prized possession it has not been provided with any touristic elements. But, opening up on sea lounge is the best remedy to Tourist attraction and putting the coastline to best use along with providing the citizens with a vivid experience.

Ark Deck & Bar is the result of joint efforts of Kookie Singh, Samyukkta Singh and Viraj Chandwadkar, which will sail 1.6 KM of the coast from the Bandra Sea Link jetty. Yes, while the one on Sea Restaurant that is in it’s initial stage will be built at the South side of the coast, this one will be located in the Bandra, thus serving the both ends of the city.

Spread over three levels with a seating capacity of 100, it comprises a sit-down restaurant which will be focusing on European Mediterranean food dishes on their menu. Along comes deck bar, private dinning spaces and a few suites. To grab the attention of the citizens on land they will lit up two bright LED lights that will be visible at both ends of the sea link.

Now, hear this – the guests will be ferried to Ark on speedboats and ferries. It will be open seven days a week, 4 pm onwards. As the owner, Samyukta Singh puts it, “It will be a great space to get a drink, dance with the wind in your hair, cuddle up for a romantic date or even host memorable occasions”. It sounds pretty awesome and we cannot deny it.

So start & welcome the coming year by waving a welcome flag by the cruise restaurant!!

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