/Are You Bearded Man? Here Is A Challenge For You!

Are You Bearded Man? Here Is A Challenge For You!

We are very well now acquainted with the arrival of November is the season of No Shave November slash Movember. As every other occasion, restaurants are celebrating the Movember as well, and just because bearded man know themselves as the Macho Man. Here is a challenge from the Asian cuisine fast food eatery- “Silli Chiili” from Andheri, the challenge is to eat their Bad Boy Chopper Rice in the period of TWO MINUTES. Winners will get the dish complimentary along with gift hampers worth INR 1000 and the participants get 15% off on orders worth INR 1000 and above. Though the award is not massive but the fun is splatter all over the table, and we are telling you never say no to some much deserved fun. Though, the only deal is you can be part of the whole shenanigan all if have beard growing or a stubble even, so clean shavens either start changing your look or back off!!!

The Eatery is located in the Lokhandwala region of Andheri.