/Another Cafe For The Bibliophiles In The Region Of Chembur-East

Another Cafe For The Bibliophiles In The Region Of Chembur-East

A bibliophile loves it’s books and mugs of steamy beverage to keep you going with every flip of the page. Thus, we love our libraries and cafes, and the happiness doubles when they decide to merge together. The Hot new little eatery in Chembur, Steamy Mugs is just that.

Mumbai doesn’t have enough of Books centric cafes for the bibliophiles to head over to. But, the rising nature of the hotel business is giving way to more and more cafes which encourage readers with shelves filled with books and counters ready to serve the desired the beverage to go along with your books.

Steamy Mugs, though a little smaller in space department has quite a lot of books to provide to their customers, with an extended range of beverages including numerous kinds of teas and coffee along with easy and quick fix snacks to chuck on as you get more and more emerge in your read.

Sit as long as you wish for, as mugs after mugs are emptied but the book goes on, the price range is pretty minimal, with estimated bill for two being INR 300. One of the walls of the cafe is filled with an inspirational life quote giving along an easy College cafeteria-like vibe.

On the shelves, you will find books ranging from Robin Sharma’s “Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” to Anita Desai’s “Fasting, Feasting”. So, if are needing a little bit of inspiration to read today then head over to Steamy Mugs.