/An Eatery That Prominently Focuses On Serving French Fries With Variety Of Sauces

An Eatery That Prominently Focuses On Serving French Fries With Variety Of Sauces

Last time we checked the easiest access to the American wonder was mainly only at your nearest McDonald branch which has also lost their simple glory in the years that have come through. Yes, we talk about the one way the potatoes are loved the most by everyone, French Fries.

The J’s are the first of its kind in Mumbai to serve Fries in a variety of Sauces backed by ample amount of Cheese. Served in a huge Cone of Pink and Black the fries served are smoking hot with flavors like Pizza Fries, Maggie Fries, BBQ fries and so many more extensive variety to it.

The store first started with mere two outlets one in Churchgate right opposite to H.R. College and another one in Bandra, but within the time-span of a year has now ten outlets all across the city, with the latest being the one near Mazgaon circle. The J’s aren’t particularly eat-in eateries, they are spread in as a small takeaway joint or a stand and binge sort of set up. Yeah, they do have two to four tables with engraved holes to hold your cones in.

The menu consists of both veg and non-veg variety in the sauces and mixtures along with a good amount of list for cold beverages and guesses what, your Jain friends don’t have to feel left out from this delicious treat as they also serve Green banana fries for the Jain crowd. The eatery is also proper cost efficient with the lowest and highest of the cost ranging from INR 100 to INR 160. The quantity and quality served are perfectly efficient as well.

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