/Adipoli In Kalyan Is Serving Authentic Keralite Cuisine

Adipoli In Kalyan Is Serving Authentic Keralite Cuisine

Food comes very close to indulging one with emotions, so many of us reflect to our favourite to least favourite foods according to our moods. Finding extravagant international cuisine serving restaurants is the least of worries one has these days. But it gets a little tricky when one is looking for some authentic Inland cuisines, afterall the Land of our country is filled with diversity in all spaces and cuisine is just one of them.

If you are a fan of some Southern Keralite authentic dishes, we have a place for you. Adipoli in Kalyan serves the most authentic style of Keralite menu, with the flavours that will travel you to the southern lands.

The place is owned and controlled by Rohit Albin Cheyaden, who is a Sydney return, where he worked in restaurants like Mr. Wong’s and Longrain. Now he has come back to his own land and has started the restaurant with emotions and love for authentic Food being at the peak of his mind.

We have learned some very heart touching pleasing facts behind the coming together of the said restaurant. Rohit came up with this name because his grandfather, who was a connoisseur of good food, used to say ‘Idha Adipoli aan!’ {It is awesome!} after eating a decadently prepared meal. Just like the name, a lot of things about the restaurant come from Rohit’s memories and roots, which he is very proud of.

The menu of the restaurant is inspired by Chef Rohit’s grandmother’s and mother’s recipes. There are a few dishes that stand out like Kozhi Kondattam {INR 300}, which is chicken chunks tossed in a sambal of chilli and shallots. Another signature dish is Molly’s Meen Curry {INR 350}, which is the catch of the day simmered in a Cheyaden family’s favorite recipe that has been cooked by chef’s grandma, Molly Anthony for over 40 years. The dish is cooked and served in a traditional earthen clay pot called a “chetti”. It uses a special citrus fruit called “kudampulli” or gambooge.

Also try their Meen Pollichathu {INR 350}, which is silver pomfret cooked en pappiotte banana leaf with a marmalade of shallots. And to end the meal on a sweet note, try the Thiramizu {INR 250} which is made with filter coffee, cocoa and sponge.

Address: Next To Mohan Altezza, Vasant Valley Road, Kalyan, Maharashtra

Price For Two: INR 1000.

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