/A Whats App Group to Guide You Through Your Calorie Intake

A Whats App Group to Guide You Through Your Calorie Intake

Finding it difficult to control your calorie intake? Trying to lose weight & stay fit? Here is a group that will help you with your food calorie count and guide you through your foo habits. Food Analysist is a website where you can sign yourself in to get a detailed guide for every meal you intake. They will help you achieve healthy and weight goals sooner and better, on way changing your habits for longer than you do imagine. They call themselves as “A Human-Powered Calorie Counter”, and we won’t argue on it with them for it.

Now here’s how it works, Once you are signed up to their website, they promptly add you to their Whatsapp group where a team is assigned to cater to your nutritional needs. Wondering how will they know about your meals, well you are just asked to do what you anyway generally do, all you are suppose to do is Click A Picture Of Your Meal With A Short Description Of It, Send It On The Group and instantly you will be provided with a detailed descriptions of How many Calories, Fats, Carbs, Cholesterol and more you are about to be consuming. And if you are worrying abbout getting anxious with their responses, don’t you worry, they are good at their job, and aren’t about to dread you with dangers and complete negative worrisome description.

They describe it in a way that will make you learn about the good food and the bad food for your ownselves. You tell them your goal (losing weight, keeping healthy, etc.) and they will work with you to make it happen. Don’t have time to workout? Eat right instead. The monthly subscription for all these on your phone service is INR 600 approximately and the service has quite a following from what we have come to see. If staying healthy is your ultimate moto, trying out their service once might really come handy!!

Write to them at: contact@thefoodanalysts.com