/A Rooftop Dhabha Restaurant In The Middle Of The Commercial Region Of The City

A Rooftop Dhabha Restaurant In The Middle Of The Commercial Region Of The City

A basic description for a Dhabha could go in the lines of traditional Indian setting with the relaxed atmosphere surrounding the place and Indian (Read Punjabi) food on the menu with most of the times liquor in full release. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Who won’t enjoy an abundance of food in a relaxed atmosphere with the looseness alcohol brings with it itself? Just perfect! Add rooftop to the whole scene and you have Jimmy’s Dhabha for you giving everything you do want for a relaxed weekend get-together with your pals.

The Jimmy’s Dhabha sits atop Pinnacle Corporate Park in the MMRDA area in Bandra-Kurla Complex region. The Dhabha categorises itself as an Urban Dhaba restaurant, the place looks like the Rainbow opened it floodgates over the place, which could be possible with it being on a rooftop. The place has various chaired and tables seating arrangement along with the sidings filled with sofa log sitting arrangement.

The eatery starts serving exactly after office hours that is from 6 PM and stays open late till 1 AM. With a six-page full food menu and five page long Bar menu the Dhabha serves a wide range of North Indian cuisine and all kinds of alcohol, Cocktail along with funny unique mixtures making their space in the section of Mocktails for all the non-drinkers.

The already visited populous vouches on their Dishes of Paneer Tikka, Paneer Khatta Pyaaz, Bang Bang Chicken and Railway Mutton. The Yellow menu which has it’s amount column in Hindi numerical brings in a subtle Indian style in the menu.

As the darkness covers the space of sky the eatery is lit up in purple lights which radiate from the Bar and other yellow lights covering the whole rooftop. The atmosphere is made even more engaging with the presence of Live music throughout the evening. People have vouched on the service provided by the staff and the overall experience of the evenings they have spent there.

So, we say coming Friday release all your nerves of the tiresome week with a Rooftop Food and alcohol service on your tables with the best of your people and welcome the weekend together.

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