/A Restaurant That’s Preaching The Concept OF Sharing Food & Eating Together

A Restaurant That’s Preaching The Concept OF Sharing Food & Eating Together

The next time you plan a trip to your neighbour city of Pune, you got to check out this restaurant that essentially works on the concept serving mega thalis that serves a group of people. We are talking about Aaoji Khaoji at JM Road whose owner truly believes in the concept of “Eat Together, Stay Together”. The USP of the restaurant stands on the same concept and thus only serves thalis that essentially can be devoured by more than one person.

Aaoji Khaoji has over 200 thalis on their menu with a full fledge course meal which comprises of all the ingredients of an Indian Thali, Sabji Roti, Sweets, Dal Chawal and beverage. Each thali is a compliance of variety of sweets, vegetables, Bread and beverage. The quantity of which is decided according to the set number of people the thali will be serving.

To name a few, there are Raj Kumar Thali for INR 3200, with unlimited serving for 8 people. The thali has five parathas, 2 lassi, 3 types of rice- Masala, Jeera and Pulao and 13 types of sabzi along with 6 different types of Gujarati sweets, like Gulab Jamun, Moong Dal Halwa and more.

Next on the grand thali list is the Ajay Devgan Thali which costs for INR 2700 and serves over 8 people. It comprises of 9 types of parathas, 13 types of sabzi, 3 jumbo dry fruit lassi, cheese veg pulao and 6 desserts like custard, cream fruit and more.

There are smaller plates too, like the Daler Mehendi Thali for INR 800 that serves unlimited for two people, Modi Ji Thali which is a limited thali for one person at the price of INR 450. And everyone’s favourite Bajrangi Bhaijaan Thali a limited thali that serves four people at the cost of INR 1100.

Started since 2013, the owner is trying to bring back the idea of community dinning where people sit together and share food on one table from one thali. And in our opinion it’s fair and welcome change from the regular hogging of international cuisines, a good feel for your taste-buds and tummies bringing in the nostalgia.

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