/A Marathi Slang You Could Eat Now!

A Marathi Slang You Could Eat Now!

If you stay in the vicinity of Maharashtra, the bits of Maharastrain trends and pop culture is bound to invade your brain cells. Take for example, some Marathi songs that we know the lyrics to even without ever watching any video or marathi movies. Slangs are picked up from surrounding and what’s hit pop culture. Marathi movie industry is getting it’s due attention today but, there are songs that have always been in and outside the marathi community hit amongst the masses. Tujhya Naana Chi Tang being one of them. Wondering what reference it has to do with food and restaurants. Well not a lot, but Hitchki, newly opened chain of restaurant in city is gaining lot of popularity with all that it has to serve for their visitors. Be it great ambience, luxury, food, night-life and the massive range of food ranging from regional cuisines to international cuisines brought together in one place. In their, plethora of being quirky, they have introduced a dish on their menu that serves, Chicken’s leg (taang) with Naan, comically calling it Nana Chi Taang.

Watch this video to know what we are on about!

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