/A Delivery Kitchen That Primarily Serves Vegan Burger Kitchen

A Delivery Kitchen That Primarily Serves Vegan Burger Kitchen

With the rise in the Vegan Diet amongst the masses and the ever growing hotel industry both have been coming together and opening up joints and eateries that have menus either centered to Vegan food dishes or separate sections dedicate to Vegan dishes. Now, Bandra has a Delivery Kitchen that is purely dedicated to serving Vegan Burgers, the burgers go way beyond the usual paneer and veggies– Vegan Burger Kitchen.

Hira Mulchandani of Death by BBQ has launched an all-vegan kitchen dedicated to burgers. Vegetarians and the vegans, now you can gorge on delicious burgers without worrying too much about the limited veggie options. They make everything in-house, and their ingredients are fresh and locally sourced.

Hira tells us the idea was to give more options to the vegetarians and vegans. After trying out the recipes for over a year, and endless tastings later, they finally decided on the current menu. They have tofu and mushroom burger, a sweet potato and peanut burger, BBQ pulled jackfruit burger, crispy eggplant burger and more on the menu.

Even their in-house dressing is dairy-free and their mayonnaise is vegan-friendly too. For drinks, they have regular soda-like lemonade, cold brew coffee and vegan desserts such as brownies and mousse.

Here, a meal for two will set you back by INR 700 {approximately} with a standard burger starting off at INR 299. They also have sweet potato fries for those looking for healthier options.

We’re honestly quite stoked about these all-vegan burgers. They are open for delivery and will deliver to Khar and Santacruz. They are open from noon until 11pm.

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