/A Baker Cum Chef That Personally Understands The Struggles Of Diabetics

A Baker Cum Chef That Personally Understands The Struggles Of Diabetics

Who says diabetics can’t have desserts? 21-year-old, Harsh Kedia, has started his own bakery called ‘A Diabetic Chef’ which focuses on making sweet delights for diabetic patients, who usually can’t enjoy cakes and chocolates. Health Junkies can also dig in these sugar-free delicacies.

Harsh, who has been cooking since he was in third grade, discovered that he was diabetic when he was 15. With that came the restrictions of not eating a lot of things he loved. He then decided to take matters in his hand and crafted delicious delicacies that were specially made for diabetics. After being a home baker for 3 years, Harsh has finally opened his own kitchen in Andheri.

A Diabetic Chef Sells brownies, chocolates and milkshakes that are fit to be consumed by diabetes patients. Try the dark knight brownie {INR 90}, or the dark knight rises {INR 110} if you really love chocolates. The Willy Wonka Delight and Kung Fu Panda brownie is also recommended.

When it comes to milkshakes, the big banana strawberry theory {INR 180} and game of caffeine {INR 160} win the race. While you are there, also try the amazing chocolates. We recommend Philosopher’s Stone {which is a dark chocolate} and Chamber of Secrets {which is lemongrass truffle chocolate}. Potter fans, are you excited?

So, if you are diabetic {or know someone who is} or you just want to go the sugar-free way, you know where to head. You can get more info on their Facebook or Instagram page. For any other info, call on +919820032093 or +919167110451.

Price for Two- INR 500.

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