/Weekend Travel Trips That Bring Art & Culture Along With It

Weekend Travel Trips That Bring Art & Culture Along With It

The Travel Of Art was started by Meghana Biwalkar two years ago is a group that has been organizing lovely art trips in and around Mumbai. With the help of social media creative and innovative people have been coming up with communities that aspire to spread and encourage people to take up their side-interest without disturbing their daily lifestyle. We have been daily coming across groups that encourage Art, Reading, Traveling, Talents & Skills which have been generally been sidelined by parents.

The Travel Of Art focuses on two aspects, Travel & Art like the name goes. The idea is to organize travel plans where in you don’t just get to get out of your mundane week long routine but along with exploring and refreshment, you get a chance to release the inner creative that’s hidden inside all of us with new forms of art on every trip. You don’t need to be an artist to attend and be part of this, all you need is the gist to create something.

The trips involve peaceful locations with a bunch of fellow travelers which could be anywhere from by the lake to an artist’s villa. It gives the attendees an opportunity to explore art, discuss it and then try their own hands on it. The locations may include places of historical or cultural importance wherein you can genuinely learn a lot more about the local art and culture. The point is to demystify the idea of an artist retreat since there’s an intimidating aura to it.

The history of their events organized in the past will assure you enough with their credibility. In June, they organized a trip to Sawantwadi in Konkan over the long weekend (where they also met the area’s Queen aka Monarch). They’ve also had a trip to Jawahar, a hill station near Mumbai known for its Warli art and more. The cost for these trips ranges from INR 6,500 to INR 8,500 which includes breakfast, travel and stay expenses. The Art part of the trips has involved unique workshops like coffee art on canvas, up cycling workshops for kids, Galaxy doodling wine painting and much more.

If the weekday’s mundanes are getting too much for you these refreshing Art trips just what you need.

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