/Visit & Get Pictured At Bollywood’s Trusted Railway Station For It’s Train Sequences

Visit & Get Pictured At Bollywood’s Trusted Railway Station For It’s Train Sequences

The Bollywood Movies have always been a pot of drama and quite sometimes melodrama as well. Karan Johar movies are an arid example of it. So many Bollywood movies have the Train sequence of separation and the iconic emotions it comes with is sometime every Bollywood buff tearfully rejoice in.

Remember DDLJ (Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayege) climax scene, we have already seen enough memes of the scene to remember for lifetime. Now remember Kuch Kuch Hota Hai train sequence again, the flying Lal Dupattaare both shot at same location. And the spot is not much far away from Mumbai as well, so if your Bollywood buffness is craving some Instagram uploads you must visit the APTA Station. The other movies to have had their train sequence shot at this very location include Rang De Basanti, Khakee, Baaghi, Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobara and many others. We are mentally reeling all those train sequence from the above movies.

So any of the above falls into your favorites category and you wanna share or feel a part of it, you could visit the Apta Station that comes right after Panvel station on the Panvel-Roha route on the Raigad district of Maharashtra. Grab a Photographer friend and click every cliché Bollywood photo you could think of at this Famous Bollywood location.

Find out trains that go through the route and more information Here! 

Disclaimer: Do check with your photographer for permissions at these places as you may have to contact or get in touch with the authorities at Apta Station. It’d require a few days, so plan in advance.

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