/Thursday Vinyl Nights – Appetite For Destruction by Guns n’ Roses

Thursday Vinyl Nights – Appetite For Destruction by Guns n’ Roses

Italian for ‘at ease’, Adagio is the musical tempo of 66-72 bpm (beats per minute) which is also the rate at which the human heart beats. True to their name, the Adagio Experience comprises a unique approach to learning, as well as cultivating a deeper, more sound understanding of art & music.

Conceived in February 2016 by young music aficionados, Adagio is a humble endeavor born out of an honest and passionate love for music. Against the background of digital audio and machines, here is a pursuit to revive and cherish the age-old, pristine rituals of vinyl records, active listening, music theory and an undiluted appreciation for music. Adagio wishes to encourage one and all to make music a part of their daily life, versus pursuing it simply as a hobby.

Adagio is a holistic lifestyle destination that has something to offer for everyone. In addition to being a hub for music enthusiasts to connect with the vibes and cultivate new hobbies, it is an environment that drives passion and perseverance. ‘The Adagio Experience’ is best felt first hand, rather than talked about.

Guitar Lessons – To lay a strong musical foundation using the guitar as a medium of expression via a unique and fun approach to understanding the fundamentals of rhythm and melody.

Music Listening Experience – Delivering an analogue musical experience to encourage ‘Active Listening’, as well as appreciating music in its purest forms. Our Thursday Vinyl Listening Sessions (held every week) allow you to immerse yourself and hear classic albums end-on-end on vinyl records.

Guitar Boutique – Tone tested collection of hand-picked guitars.

This week though just like a hashtag #ThrowbackToThursday goes Adagio is hosting their Thursday Vinyl Nights. Amongst the last few classic rock albums to be mastered on Vinyl, experience the rawness the Guns n Roses with their legacy 1987 record- Appetite For Destruction.

With every epic track in the GnR discography Mr. Brownstone, Welcome to the Jungle and Sweet Child O’ Mine, catch this record-breaking album as their fourth groove in the Appetite For an Analogue month.

Date:- 24th August 2017

Timing: 8.30 PM to 10.30 PM

Address: Shop No 4, Maitri Kunj Co-op Society, Postal Colony, Chembur

Mumbai, India