/The Reading Social Helps You To Get Back To Your Reading Habits & Helps You Meet New People

The Reading Social Helps You To Get Back To Your Reading Habits & Helps You Meet New People

Reading is an activity which we think of very highly, the source of information and also the source of change and evolution in one’s way of thinking. Reading lets you explore the unexplored just by being in one place. The things that Reading has to give to you are in abundance and in our opinion everyone should inculcate Reading in their daily life and must make it a hobby.

But, as the days go by life is rushing in all forms and reading has easily taken a back-seat even with the most ardent readers of all with, what with functioning and managing the real life deals. The community of The Reading Social understands the difficulties of sorting out time for this scared habbit in the insufficient 24hours of the day and thus have come up with a Weekly gathering that will provide you with undivided time to invest in your long-lost love of reading.

The Reading Social  have their web page wherein you can subscribe to their timely announcements on the next gatherings and details for the same. Since the time they started last years they have has 426 people who have spent a total of 852 hours reading together. The subscription also provides you with periodical summaries of new and upcoming best seller books throughout the world.

The session costs you INR 500, per head which will include breakfast to go with your reading. The location, timing and other details are mailed to you periodically. The sessions are generally held in the late morning hours on Sundays only, you bring your own Book, grab your meal and choose a spot to sit and read for next two hours without any disturbance. Post the reading hours, there is an interaction session where random ideas and thoughts are exchanged some may relate to the your books some days it may be a per-decided topic to discuss and share ideas. Though, the session will promise you proper solitude to Read and later on chance to meet new interesting people of your kind with whom will share one thing that you love the most, your passion for reading!

Their next session is scheduled on the 29th October 2017 at Mockingbird Cafe in Churchagate, Mumbai from 9.30 AM to 12.30 PM. (100% of the profits from the passes are used towards donating books to who don’t have access to them)