/The Cat Cafe Of Versova Now Also Has Yoga Sessions to Provide For Their Visitors

The Cat Cafe Of Versova Now Also Has Yoga Sessions to Provide For Their Visitors

The Cat Cafe established in the mini terrace like space in Versova is one of it’s type in the whole of India, yes, as the name goes, the cafe is the first ever Cat-friendly cafe of the country. The young group who have started up this cafe have quite a few motives behind their little start-up which soon gained the desired attention.

The owners are a bunch of Cat-lovers who were quite against the idea of buying a pet, and strongly believe the adopting of the animals. The time around they kept spotting many abandoned cats around the city and kept rescuing them. Thus, soon they started the said cafe inviting cat lovers to come around sip some coffee snack and spend time with their cats.

The owners own 30+ cats and have put them all up for adoption, the process goes as you come to the cafe a few times and see which one of the cat is your soul mate by engaging with them, and soon you will be set for the adoption.

The space has an easy going hippie hype to it with open terrace surrounding hanging planters over the walls and cats that are lounging all over the place. You can spend as much time as you wish and engage in your work or fun whatever makes you feel right.

They have now recently added one more feather to their cap by launching their “Mew-go” classes a Yoga session with the cats thrice a week (Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday) for INR 3000 a month!

The idea is to make it feel Domestic and at the same time engage in health benefiting Yoga postures in the company of new friends and cats.

So roll up your Yoga mat and bring along to the cool vicinity of Versova!