/Take Over The City By Night With These Cycling Groups

Take Over The City By Night With These Cycling Groups

In the times when we are aiming high, and working hard on earning enough to suffice our needs and then achieve the point of luxury, there are youth out there who are trying in every form to make world a better place to live. Baby steps are being implemented in bringing changes in every walks of life.

While Motor vehicle companies are launching new products every year, some also taking health of nature into consideration and bringing in semi-environmental friendly two or four wheelers, a cycle is an ultimate 100% nature friendly source of transport that easily trespasses the major issue of traffic that comes with vehicle generally.

These same transport commodities are today used to promote Interaction amongst masses, raise funds for programmes or causes the said bunch of people believe in and also to explore a given city. Mumbai this year has had innumerable Cycling groups formed that are either seeking the midnight hours or the morning hours to combust one or all of the above reasons.

Midnight are the best seeked hours as the traffic and temperature make it more hassle free ride. These cycling rides promise thrill, adventure, and fun opportunity to meet like-minded people and also to know more about your own city. Tourist are also seeking this source of transport to explore the mini narrow lanes of the city that give out the real authenticity of the city.

These cycling rides are usually organized in groups and some also pursue safety gears like helmet, knee pads, tail lights and like wise. The whole charade is not a race but rather graceful expression fo camaraderie.

Groups usually cycle on the weekends, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Midnight cycling groups cover all kinds of distances, you’re likely to find short distance social groups the do anywhere from 6-60 km routes, most popular routes are NCPA(marine drive) to Bandra and back. shorter routes do exist too. There are many organizers that offer cycle and safety gear rental to those that wish to have this experience. Some organizers even provide for a safety car. So go out, challenge your self.

Here are something’s one must keep in mind if they’re new to Mumbai or cycling:

With hot and humid conditions one tends to get dehydrated quick in Mumbai, to carry on yourself at least one liter of water is recommended. Mumbai roads and traffic discipline is considered to be pretty bad, it’s always recommended to ride in groups if one is not confident about their riding abilities. Various groups have various rules to follow, respect them for everyone’s safety.

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