/“Shira Ceramics” A Store Filled Colorful & Beautiful Crockery Providing Pottery Lessons Along

“Shira Ceramics” A Store Filled Colorful & Beautiful Crockery Providing Pottery Lessons Along

The hotel and diner industry is a part of the service industry which has a lot to do with pleasing the customers which are why the have to be very selective with tangible things that will provide intangible reactions and which will make customers connect with them. The plates and bowls the customers are served in are one of an essential part of their business.

Cafes and new restaurants these days have quirky platters and bowls which make the luxury of meals even more luxurious. These crockery are a major part of their social advertisement along with the interiors. Customers of the current generation who are habituated with posting every life event and moments on social media, posting about their food is one of the most common things along with the numerable selfies that are daily posted.

You can now have all those beautiful crockery at your dining table of your house. This shop which has been existing on the surface of Mumbai for past 35 years in the Andheri region of the City. The shop “Shira Ceramics” also known as “Mitty” studio owned and run by Vinod Dubey is the result of his passion for Pottery. Mr Dubey initially pursued Journalism as his Career choice but after few years of living the life of a journalist he decided to come back to something more closer to his heart and that being Pottery gave birth to his baby, his store Shira Ceramics.

He personalizes your desired models of crockery if you are ordering in a bulk amount of 50 pieces or above. The plates start at the rates of INR 145, bowls from INR 50, kettles from INR 200, vases from INR 300 and showpieces from INR 35 and there are so many other things.

But along with selling the results of his creative arts, he also imparts the knowledge who wishes to seek it. Yes, the man provides courses which start at INR 6,000 which is conducted in his Mitty studio. The creative work of Pottery is like meditation for him and he loves the idea and activity of passing it on to others.

So if having mud filled hands to create something beautiful is your idea of Fun then try for their classes and if not then just visit the store to buy a new mug or two or more for sipping on Chai or Coffee this monsoon.

Contact:- +912226326102