/Rock The Adrenaline At This Adult Trampoline Park In R-City Mall

Rock The Adrenaline At This Adult Trampoline Park In R-City Mall

There is only one rule with Trampolines- Adults Not Allowed, and once we have entered that not allowed age ratio since then we are very sure all of us Adults have at some point given these notorious kids an envious look for having the time of their life bouncing off in freewill. Well, now release kids from those envious looks as remedy has been made for you here.

Fun O Factory in R-City Mall of Ghatkopar has built a huge Trampoline stretches and foam pits for adults has is the solution to our ordeal. The space is only and only filled with fun, be it the wide spread of Trampoline sheets to bounce about and file high just to get jump in the pit of the foams. The space is filled in the theme of Blue and Yellow. At one of the end of the Foam pit is a wall for rock climbing, and if you are darring enough you can take a limp of trust from the top of it into the foam pit. Do all the cool and crazy things you can think of.

The park is up and running throughout the week from 11am to 9pm. Tickets from Monday to Thursday will cost you just INR 400 per person and INR 450 on weekends for an hour of bouncy fun. Although you can book the entire space in INR 10,000-12,000 if you are planning a fun party with your friends, but it will be more cost effective if you buy tickets separately for your guests, reason being the booking doesn’t bar the walk-in customers from entering the park.

Rejoice in the hour filled with adrenaline and fun and pump out some of those heat in the best way possible.

Do not forget to carry a pair of socks, otherwise you will have to pay INR 100 to buy a pair from the counter. Also, carry a water bottle along or else you’ll end up buying that too. Keep an ID proof if your looks defy your age.

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