/Play Bollywood Quiz With Drinks & Food And Win Away Prizes Worth Rs. 40,000

Play Bollywood Quiz With Drinks & Food And Win Away Prizes Worth Rs. 40,000

We have all grown up in the influence of Bollywood surrounding us all through our life, so as much as one claims to hate or love the Indian movie industry one can’t get rid of it’s impression of their daily life. And thus, we all are aware of basics of Bollywood, ever taken up a quiz to test your calibre in the Bollywood trivia? If you haven’t until now (Which we are sure you have at least once online) then here is your chance to engage in a group Bollywood trivia with strangers and food and alcohol.

The Bombay Bronx in Breach Candy, hosts Bollywood Night on every Tuesday throughout the day.
The game is not suppose to be easy though, because it comes along with grand prices, and thus you do need to be at top of your Bollywood knowledge. Each week the cafe posts about the upcoming Tuesday’s theme on their social media for the participants to prepare themselves for the quiz.

The crowd present in the cafe are divided in certain amount and forms of groups and then the host of the night, Tilak Shah gets on with the quiz game. The vibe is very engaging and refreshing, and where there is Bollywood there has to be buzz. Post the quiz there are also Dance offs on the latest of Bollywood beats or the all time favourites.

This week’s theme:
Bollywood loves the whole song and dance routine, the drama, the tragedy, the big fat celebration of the wedding with the big fat families and of course the whole shaadi-baarat-sangeet sequence!
This Tuesday, we’ll be testing your knowledge about such shaadi-themed bollywood movies!
There will be multiple rounds across multiple platforms, live, AV, Buzzer and a lot more!a

Team Rules:
Bollywood maniacs, gather your team with a minimum of 4-6 members and get ready to participate! If lesser than 4, the team will be clubbed with another similar team of less than 4 members to eventually form a team of less than 6 members.

To take part, each participant must pay just Rs. 300 which includes a fully redeemable cover!

To register your team, call: 7710044666

And as for the Prizes there are a lot!
Prizes to be won:

Prizes worth Rs. 40,000, up for grabs for the participants and hampers for the winners! Every Thursday, the winning team and the runners up will qualify for the grand finale which will take place on Tuesday, 29th May!

The winner of the grand finale will win a hamper worth over Rs. 1,00,000, inclusive of a 2N3D trip sponsored by The Bombay Bronx!! The winning team of the grand finale ALSO wins 2 months of free movies!!


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