/Now You Will Soon Have A Through Air Ride To Elephanta Caves With The Arrival Of India’s First Rope-Way

Now You Will Soon Have A Through Air Ride To Elephanta Caves With The Arrival Of India’s First Rope-Way

If you are a born and brought up kid of Mumbai, we are sure there has been at least one family trip to the Elephanta Caves in your young days. The Caves are located on the Elephanta Island, but the area is more acquainted among Mumbaikars and visitors as Elephanta Caves.

The Elephanta Caves are a network of sculpted caves, the Elephanta Island is also known as Gharapuri (literally ‘the city of caves’) in Mumbai Harbour. The Caves are some 10 kilometres to the East of Mumbai. The whole network comprises of mainly five Hindu oriented caves and two Buddhist caves. The origin of the caves goes back far off in between 5th to 8th centuries. Such famous Caves sculptures are still not confirmed upon and constantly debated about.

The Elephanta Island is about 11 km east of Apollo Bunder on the Mumbai Harbour and 10 km south of Pir Pal in Trombay. The village of Gharapuri is on the south side of the island. The usual transport to caves is the Ferry service from The Gateway of India, Mumbai.


The Caves are one of the significant Tourist point of Mumbai city and the Mumbai explorers for sure travel to this historic monument of art. With so much importance of the location, the government has recently released a statement of building India’s first ropeway in Mumbai which stretches from Mumbai’s Sewri Port to Raigad district making the tour to the Elephanta caves even more mesmerising for its tourists.

The ropeway is estimated to be 8 km, and the first and the largest in India considering there is no other to compare it with. The plan is designed and managed by the Mumbai Port Trust.

The Financial details aren’t revealed to the public, but the Mumbai Port Trust Chief Engineer P.K. Sinha said there will be few stops en-route and the cable height, capacity of cars and other technical details are being worked upon. But, the word as it that the per car will hold a strength for 20 individuals.

The route always has a transit station in the middle, tourist can also hop aboard a toy train which takes them to the base of the hill, a distance of around 600 meters, for the climb up to the caves is complex.

In the city that uses all the type of transport religiously, another feather has been hatched in the cap of it.

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