/Ikheti An Organization That Works In Helping & Encouraging Urban Farming

Ikheti An Organization That Works In Helping & Encouraging Urban Farming

The current lifestyle adopted by the mass population is of constructions going around us all the time and relying on refrigerated preserved food for daily meals. While we are much accustomed to this new routine, we all are aware of the underlying truth of the unhealthiness it has brought with itself. When all goes downfall, someone takes up to start small but start nonetheless.

An initiative started by Priyanka Amar Shah, a nature activist and animal lover, it came into existence to promote sustainable urban farming. Through their website, they retail seeds and DIY kits in case you want to get started on that pending to start your kitchen garden.

The organization is called “iKheti” Their vision is “To create a platform for both, individuals & communities to grow healthy consumable crops within their premises and promote sustainable urban farming.

Farming slash gardening though is not as easy the greenery to look at, needs working on it and a lot of learning in the process, if you still don’t feel sure of yourself they also provide assistance with building vertical or kitchen garden or any planting region by coming by your place and checking for all the needs and then possibilities for the desired garden. These services start from INR 1,500, the further cost may fluctuate according to the size you may want for your garden. They not only design but also execute the plan, anywhere that maybe, terrace, balcony, backyard or if nothing then vertical gardening too.

Already have a garden and having a hard time to maintain it, they even their gardeners to work on your existing garden, that service is INR 600!

Go to their websites here to know more about their products and services.