/If Writing Inspires You, Take Part In National Novel Writing Month Now

If Writing Inspires You, Take Part In National Novel Writing Month Now

Till last year, we didn’t knew November came with so many goodies, while No shave November is now popular enough throughout everyone, the other celebrations of the month also include children’s day and Men’s day. And now we also know it is celebrated as the National Novel Writing Month. So all you sneaky writers come out of your hideaways pick up a pen and start writing your dream.

Yeah, on the occasion of celebrating the whole month of novel writing, Penultimate is encouraging everyone to write a novel of their own, something they wanted to do always, but couldn’t sum up the energy or force to start or complete it. NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, is mainly to push the writers from their moping and push them for the inspiration they have been seeking for.

The task is to write a complete book in the time period of this month, yes, it’s daunting, challenging but also very very inspiring and is coming to you with that force you always have been looking for. Over thousand of writers across the world are taking part in this, and Mumbai is not standing back either. So if you wanna take up on this challenge and fell strongly about writing give it a go, you are welcomed at any stage.

To encourage even more, Bombaywala, an art publishing house based in Mumbai is going to publish three books written during NaMoWriMo!

You need to submit a manuscript here, according to the guidelines given.

Get tips and tricks from the experts here, . And good luck with that novel! We hope to see it in stores soon!