/Heritage Walks With Sneaky Ghosts On Your Back

Heritage Walks With Sneaky Ghosts On Your Back

Anytime you think this city couldn’t get anymore exciting, something or someone is there to prove wrong and surely in this matter we are glad to be wrong! Heritage walking which if you taught had lost it’s charm has made a steady comeback, and gradually is interesting people back into knowing the history of this adventurous city. While all is bliss, this one heritage walk here has it’s twist to it, and if your guilty pleasure lies in sneaking on ghost stories or horror movies from time to time, then you are going hop in happiness now.

The Khaki Tours are organizing a Heritage walk around the Girgaon region of the city which is drenched in numerous ghost tales which rooted in it since the 18th and 19th century, so they very much define the history of the region.

The walk will unravel secrets of Girgaon {the hidden, and not so hidden stories}, take you through the supposed spirits that haunt the areas. Have you heard of the trapped European, or the ghost who tickles, or even better, the legendary ‘Mankapya’ who haunts the streets of Khotachi Wadi {after dusk}.

The walk is surely not for the faint hearts and will began in the late hours of night that is 9 PM onwards. You will be covering a distance of 2.5 kilometers in the time span of about two hours. The walk will be hosted by the narrator who will walk you through the narrow lanes. The walk can be described as a mixture of storytelling and heritage walk.

You need to be 18+ in age. There’s a 50 percent discount for students and senior citizens (use the code discount). You can find the event on Facebook here. 

Where: Assemble outside S.K. Patil Udyan, Opp. Marine Lines Station (East)

When: November 18

Timings: 9 PM onwards

Price: INR 799.