/Experience & Enjoy The Nature As Moonstone Hammock’s Organized Campsite

Experience & Enjoy The Nature As Moonstone Hammock’s Organized Campsite

Winters are nearing their end, and it’s good time now to take the dip in ll that glorious indulgence that can be achieved only in winters, especially in the city like Mumbai where the temperature always sores high anytime other than the four month of Winters.

Bonfires are the real jam of the season and spending time out in the open with the stars shinning down on us while we campsite by the lake, is a surreal feeling we all must indulge in. And this is now possible.

Moonstone Hammock brings to you a unique experience in-between the ever fast rushing city life, a camping experience at camp-ground located in the Karjat region of Maharashtra. They have more than you will be expecting, the campsite sits right beside a little lake and thus nature will be calling at you from all sides. You can be bunking in floating tents or you could be hanging in the air with tents supported by the Tree trunks and so.

A winter camping session to send chills down your spine with their on-going adventure and mesmerizing activities, ‘White Nights’ is here to occupy you the entire holiday season and give you an offbeat experience.

Organized by the Moonstone Hammock for camp-lovers with its unconventional way of accommodating people in Floating Tents, Tree-Hanging Tents, and Ground Tents it gives you the best of both worlds, be it partying, or chilling in your own set of PJs.

The camping activities focus more on the merriment of enjoying with barbecues, bonfires, music and live band performances. The experience will be fun-filled and adventure seeking activities. Go Kayaking in the river or enjoy a home-like ambience and chill by the bonfire at night in your PJs while making your own BBQ. Bring in the new years while jamming to songs with a live band and request a special screening of one your personal favourites from Oscar-nominated movies, all of this set amidst swaying trees and gushing sounds of the river under the moonlight.

Where: Moonstone Hammock, Shelu, Karjat, Maharashtra

Phone: 097692 74340

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