/Experience A Luxurious Rooftop Movie Date at Newly Opened Sunset Cinema Club

Experience A Luxurious Rooftop Movie Date at Newly Opened Sunset Cinema Club

Movie Watching experience has changed since the change in technology and it’s no more just about big screen but also more comfort and surrounding, basically a more Luxurious experience. Owing to it more and more open air theaters are opening up in town and the view surrounding keeps changing. We have already shared with you open theaters happening along the beach side. Here is yet another one on a rooftop of a newly opened bar named Swey.

One think common amongst all these new open theaters is that they are all bringing back classics from 90s to rejoice in. So it’s a combination of Luxury and Nostalgia served together. So if watching cult movies your cup of thing, then this Sunday, 17th December book yourself a seat at the Sunset Cinema Club; they will be screening for first time, and the movie set on reel is the 1985’s favorite, Back To Future I featuring Marty’s naivety, Doc’s craziness and a lot of time travel. An evening spent in the company of the original Rick and Morty will never go vain.

A wild evening at Swey, the new rooftop bar in Atria Mall, Worli where the movie will be aired. This will be an open air screening and your ticket price will include either a mug of draught beer or a small (30ml) IMFL either a vodka or a whiskey or a rum. OR a mocktail or a glass of juice.

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Price: INR 499 per ticket

When: Dec 17

Where: Swey, Atria Mall, Worli