/Chug Unlimited Beer Till You Leak In Honor Of Celebrating The OktoberFest

Chug Unlimited Beer Till You Leak In Honor Of Celebrating The OktoberFest

Have you ever noticed how many times do you leave your table to use get loose on the drinking night with your friends? Weird thing to take notice of you would say, but when you read through this one you might actually go back and start thinking about it.

The Grand and luxurious Bombay Cocktail Bar in Andheri has been celebrating the German festival of Oktober, Beer festival since the 16th of September and is continuing it on till the 3rd of October. They have come up with a punishing yet amazing Challenge to make the festivity even more fun.

Bombay Cocktail Bar is calling one and all to enroll themselves in a Bladder Burst Challenge. It basically means that you get to chug unlimited beer until you have to pee. The process is simple. You pay ₹599 to enter the challenge. One of your hands is cuffed to the table and the other one you use to gulp down as many pints of beer as you can. Basically, you keep going until you can’t anymore! You leak, you lose!

Enjoy a wide range of new beer-tails keeping in mind the various moods & tastes of “Oktoberfest”, like the BCB Hangover, Conorita, Lemon Cucum-beer, Beer Bong, Pear Rosemary Beer, Ginger Sling and much more!

Put your bladder to test with the Bladder Burst Challenge! Drink all the beer in the world for Rs 599 …until you visit the washroom!
Bladder Burst Details:
Days: Sunday to Thursday
Time:7 pm to 11 pm

Address: Bombay Cocktail Bar, B-38, Veera Desai Industrial Estate Rd, Veera Desai Industrial Estate, Andheri West, Mumbai.

So challenge yourself with your favorite thing with the long weekend that falls ahead of us. But, Remember the 2nd of October is a dry day.