/Check Out The Colorful Art Enthused Co-Working Space OF Versova

Check Out The Colorful Art Enthused Co-Working Space OF Versova

We have recently shared with you some of the noteworthy Co-working spaces that have been developing in the city owing to the Free-lancing culture that is spreading through our metropolitan city. Along with rise in media industry, Creative art world is also coming out from the back seat it was settled in for long years. This co-working space we are talking about today is more committed towards Art enthusiastics, through this space the Founder Meghana Biwalkar is encouraging young, old rising artists to come here and get in the vibe to create the wonders that otherwise keep soaring in their minds.

The studio is called Travel Of Art and is together decorated and built by Meghana and her friends, the space radiates the creative vibes with their Red walls, doodles of bus emphasizing the Travel part of the whole idea, structured along with wooden colorful chairs and tables around the space which invite you to take up a canvas and fill it in your magic. Shortly known as TOFA, the space also sells clothes, shoes and home décor items which are all the products of from the artists and designers who work from TOFA. So, the founder, Biwalkar and the space thorough keeps boosting your artsy bones to get in action.

The space can be rented for INR 150 per hour, which you must book in advance, you will have access to their stationery- pencils, paints, brushes along with electrics like WIFI and plug points for internet works, though it primarily advises for a discconection from the internet world and finally Coffee to keep you going. You can also purchase canvases here and later leave your unfinished work to dry and continue it on your next visit. Thus, for lookers and new comers, the surprise would come in numerous half-done canvases spread out in spaces.

They also periodically arrange art events and workshops, to name a few, wine painting sessions, coffe art, other group sessions surrounding the subject of Art. There are two events listed for the month of December; Mandala Art Therapy (INR 1500) & The Gond Art Workshop (INR 1200).

An ex-journalist, Meghana Biwalkar and a few of her friends and family members went on an art tour to Panchgani, where they spent time exploring rock dhokra, inspired from the traditional dhokra art of Chattisgarh. The group even made brass figurines, which were delivered to them three weeks later. This was the beginning of TOFA, an idea to promote art holidays and to encourage people to explore a place through its art. Two years later, Biwalkar got this space. She continues to plan art trips to places like Goa, Pondicherry, Coonoor, and even Bali, and is planning an art retreat in Uttarakhand early next year.

For information on city events and trips, visit the TOFA page

Where: Travel Of Art, Aram Nagar Part 1, Versova

Timings: 11 am to 7 pm.