/Chase The Ghosts Of Mahim As You Explore The Region’s Famous Haunted Regions

Chase The Ghosts Of Mahim As You Explore The Region’s Famous Haunted Regions

A few months back we shared with you the opportunity of Ghost Story-Telling Walk in the city’s most famous haunted region Khotachi wadi in Girgaon, the ghosts are back to haunt your night and this time you will be chasing them on Bicycles.

A haunted cycling that promises to send chills down your spine is being organised in Mahim. Organised by The Legend Of Bombay Bards, the cycling route will start from Dadar station, going through the bylanes of Mahim, an area famous for its haunted spots.

According to them, you will be taking a walk through Pallav Sheth Wadi, where the angry ghost of the chawl’s landlord Pallav, still roams around guarding the residents. And the haunted well where a mother drowned.

Thrill seekers, anybody who wants to get an insight into the world of ghosts, cycling enthusiasts {technically}.

Doesn’t this fascinate you? Imagine coming face to face with the stories you have been reading online, one spot at a time. The organisers have also arranged for a surprise in the end. The tour will conclude at Dadar Station. You can either carry your own bicycle or ask them for one. You”ll have to shell out INR 1,499 for this experience.

Storytelling and adventure come together at this one-of-a-kind event. Expect stories that’ll fascinate you and new people who you will share this experience with.

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