/Best Locations To Capture The Essence Of Mumbai Through Your Lenses

Best Locations To Capture The Essence Of Mumbai Through Your Lenses

Mumbai is the picture perfect image of chaos and speed. The city that welcomes hundreds and thousands of people daily into it’s land has so much going throughout it that 24 hours are just not enough for it’s visitor and citizens to do and see it all. The City that never sleeps has something going on all through the 24 hours. The city which has food stalls that open at four in the morning and by six are done for the day, which have the food lovers crossing hours of distance to just taste the lip-smacking food that is available when even the birds are heard snoring.

Walk out any day with your DSLR and you will be gifted with sights and moments that are picture-worthy, with so many people emerging in the field of Photography for fun or passion, one might think everything is captured, but it’s about learning and making something new of your own.

These are some of the best locations to learn and practice your photography skills in Mumbai.

1. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus:-

The whole land of Old Bombay or the CST station is the treat to all the Architectural Photographers and street photography lovers. The place is always filled with foreigners with their devices hanging around their neck, capturing the essence of the city, so why not join the tribe, go ahead and communicate with them share the essence of the city as it’s known to you and you might get to learn so many of their travel stories right along. The CST station holds most of the major monuments of the city, the Marines-Drive Bay, the Gate of India, The Tag Hotel. There residential plus the shopping region of Colaba which holds the best of cafes and most of the colors in the street shops of Colaba.

2. Dadar:-

Dadar is labeled as one of the busiest and overcrowded railway stations of the city, with it being a connecting source between the various railway routes of Mumbai and also sourcing as the stop for mostly all of the national railways passing through Mumbai the place is always flooded human populous, thus it makes up for some amazing shots at the railway station with moments to capture, but be aware of not being a hindrances to the commuters or you are sure to bring upon yourself the swear words and more. On the Streets of the Dadar, you have Flower market which after research we have found out the ideal time to stroll through is Four AM to Seven AM. The Dabba wala’s slick work that are spotted around the railways stations are also generally a picture worthy capture. And finally during the season of Ganesh Utsav, the Lal Bagh Cha Raja crowd is out of the world.

3. Bandra-Worli Sea link:-

The newest of Mumbai’s monument was established in the year of 2009, which is visible from Dadar Chowpatty, Bandra fort and Worli Fort in the best of it’s visions. So visit these locations for the best of your images or drive through the Sea link and the up close sight of the Wired- M that has been constructed. The water around and the forts make up for various rustic pictures and for photo shoot locations.

4. Dhobi Ghat:-

The Dhobi Ghat is diverse in it’s range of aesthetics and a must-visit for all types of Photographers. With slippery roads, narrow alleys and tiny room, this one seems like a tiny world, within Mumbai itself. This place also has a great opportunity for photo enthusiast to capture the simplicity of lives and trades, that is generally lost in the chaos of Mumbai.

5. Dharavi, Sion:-

The Area is ranked as the poorest locality of the world, you might think that this is not something to be Proud of, but fact persists that the same locality creates the most number of small scale businesses which keep the city and country going on. The same locality is making their livelihood for themselves and not sobbing over the tag stamped on them. The 216 hector space is the root location to handicraft businesses which bring in food to the families in theirs. The in-action photo opportunities you will get to capture and the reality check you could portray with your pictures to the world.

So pull out your camera from their hideaway and go touristing around your own city!

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