/Aspire To Be A Cool Bartender? These Institutes Will Make You An Expert

Aspire To Be A Cool Bartender? These Institutes Will Make You An Expert

Our weekends are something we take pretty seriously in the most laid back relief as possible and that laid-backness could be badly interrupted if we didn’t had a proper Bartender serving to us. Gone are those days when Bartending was just a job to tending your financial needs while you were on a path of becoming Doctor or Lawyer, today is Bartending is legitimate professional choice quite a lot of people are seeking after irrespective of the age or gender. And thus, there are institutes providing you proper lessons and courses to sharpen your skills and achieve your dreams of tending to people’s drinks.

STIR: Academy Of Bartending:-

STIR Academy of Bartending was set up in 1997 as a platform for people who’re interested in learning about bartending and getting training in the field. It’s run by Shatbhi Basu, the first female bartender in India. The institute pioneers bartenders – with a mix of theoretical and practical knowledge.

They have a six to seven month part-time course. It’ll happen three times a week at least and is a three-hour class. The fee is INR 35,000 and once you graduate, there, you’re a certified bartender. A lot of the graduates have gone to open up their own enterprises, have worked at popular bars – including five-star hotels.

Find the institute here. 

Flairology: Bar School And Events:-

Flairology is another bar school based out of Mumbai and it’s perfect for anyone who’s looking to get a head start in the bar tending field. Here, they have professionals who will be coming in and taking the classes and one-day workshops that happen often.

You’ll be learning the methods of combining and mixing drinks, engineering a menu, different styles of cocktails, the latest trends of bartending and much more. They currently offer a standard bartending course for three months and it happens six days a week. The classes last for two hours and the fee is INR 43,000 {inclusive of taxes}.

P.S. They’re doing a crash course on October 28 and it’s for INR 2,250.

Find the institute here.

Drinq Barmen And Academy:-

Drinq is a bartending academy that is also affiliated with Flaming Trio {the pan-India bar tending institute}. Co-founded by Binny Dhadwal, the academy offers one-day workshop, passion course, a professional bartending course and a bartending upgrade course.

If you’re serious about bartending and want to be a cool bar tender flaring shots and mixing drinks at a bar, then we recommend signing up for the professional bartending course. It’s a three-month course which happens three times a week and each class lasts three hours. The fee is INR 30,000 {plus taxes}. Bonus point – it also includes a one-month on the job training at a popular bar in Mumbai. Think Bar Stock Exchange and the Socials across the city.

Find the institute here. 

And if you are a person of passion who enjoys new learning stuffs every now and then, the skills of Bartending will surely earn you quite a lot brownie points in future amongst everyone.