/Are You A Student Aspiring To Travel? Here Is A Chance To Roll Across Three States For Free In A Week’s Time Span

Are You A Student Aspiring To Travel? Here Is A Chance To Roll Across Three States For Free In A Week’s Time Span

In today’s generation passion has a lot to do with what you venture into post passing out of school or say once you have crossed the legal age bar. Traveling which was once a post retirement plan has come quite early for current times. Roadhouse Hostels is an initiation started by three childhood musketeers who had a passion for travel and knew it was bidding in hundreds of people and a little help to self and others will be motivating to one and all. Thus, they turned their passion into a business venture, wherein they have turned their sweet home into simple hostels for travelers coming around to live at reasonable prices and get an opportunity to meet more like-minded people while learning and exploring everything new.

As their venture to provide Hostel facilities to travelers wasn’t all a great deed, they are now venturing into their new Project called “QuickIE Internship”. What it entails is it gives College-going students an opportunity to travel and guess what they will pay for it.

Yes! Yes! You read it right and no we aren’t joking. If you are someone who is really passionate about traveling, is courageous, quirky and adventurous at heart and also not much about comfort and luxury you are just a few steps away from traveling for free. The first trip is starting from 11th August stretching up to August 17th. The States covered in this one are Goa, Mumbai & Rajasthan. They are promising 24 awesome experiences throughout the trip along with a fun filled Road trip as well included. The brief itinerary of locations is as follows:

August 11: Palolem

August 12: Anjuna (with access to Satellite Music Festival, Goa)

August 13: Arambol (with access to Satellite Music Festival, Goa)

August 14: Mumbai

August 15: Udaipur

August 16: Pushkar

August 17: Jaipur (closing party at Roadhouse Hostels Jaipur)

The next QuickIE is dated on site- 29th September to 6th October 2017.

The deal of the trip is that you will be provided with a daily set budget and would be expected to cover all your activities of the day and the needs along with all experiences within the set budget. You will need to get into the heart of the community, explore the nuances of varied cultures and traditions (as an Indian you will surely be acquainted with the Cultura Difference within these three States). You will learn to rustle up local dishes and meet artists and musicians from the neighborhood. As you discover new experiences, there will be other travelers who could offer you advice, suggestions or even undiscovered travel gems. Each day, you’ll get tips from experts on your daily expenses. Listen like a hawk. If you ace an assignment, you get to be task master and win extra cash to spend on daily needs and activities.

To be the ultimate QuickIE traveler, you’ll be sharing all your activities and updates in real time on social media pages, and tagging partner brands as you go along. So be open and friendly and welcome it all. This is a travel experience that will put you on spot to experience new, connect with your country’s culture, learn and grow.

How to Grab this Golden Opportunity?

Here’s how you can guarantee your seat on the fun bus:

Stage 1: Fill in our online application

Stage 2: Take the creative test (one line / 30-second video describing you, or the wittiest travel statement about yourself)

Stage 3: A video chat with QuickIE managers to see if you’re street smart enough for the job

Stage 4: Fill your backpack!

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