/Adidas Introduced A Hashtag #Take A Charge To Motivate The Citizens To Run At Carter Road

Adidas Introduced A Hashtag #Take A Charge To Motivate The Citizens To Run At Carter Road

Adidas is one of the most sought out brand in the sports brand groups. And always have been coming up with campaigns that aim towards motivating citizens in being healthy and fit. Gyms are easy and a sophisticate option for staying fit and requires investment of money. Natural ways of staying are much long-lasting and reassuring.

Mumbai has a great deal of sea side region which has accurate space for jogging in the fresh humidity evolving out of it. Adidas runway is a kick-ass 1 KM stretch along the sea giving you all the motivational running vibes that you need. If you are anywhere near Carter Road, you have probably seen the Adidas Runners hoardings throughout the runway, making it impossible to miss the stretch. Join fitness expert Ayesha Billimoria , in her running sessions every Wednesday morning at 6.15 AM, to get started, train hard and smart and get rid of any inhibitions that keep you from getting back on track with your goals.

The Adidas Runway is not just any ordinary stretch! It’s full of motivational quotes to keep you going. Not just that, you can even measure your progress everyday by downloading the Runtastic app  and keeping track of how far along you’ve come since you started! Trust us, there is nothing better than that feeling of watching your hard work pay off.

No more excuses! We all know how difficult it can be to take that first step. Join Adidas Runners in their passion and let them help you take you forward towards a better and healthier life!

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