/A Plant That’s Taking It’s Roots Through The Base Of An Old Typewriter

A Plant That’s Taking It’s Roots Through The Base Of An Old Typewriter

We are a true believer in plants creating vibes of the place, and bringing in an altogether a refreshing aura to the space they make their roots in. A Dutch Diplomat who has shifted to Mumbai for not more than a year has started up a side hustle more out of passion than anything else. The said Dutch Diplomat is named Martijn, turns old vintage gadgets or furniture or anything and turns them into plant holders.

One of the first time his artwork caught attention in Mumbai was at one of the corners at the Ministry of New. From where soon people caught on to the story of him and his artwork. Martijn along with his neighbor Shyam, who runs a farm and is also the source of the greenery for Martijn create these beautiful and unique plant constructions. This is not a passion he caught to once he arrived in India but, is something that has interested him since his days in his home country, Netherlands, where this was an everyday activity for him, but now in Mumbai, it is something he engages in when in mood or as a relaxing activity.

Though he is being this without any purpose so far, other than for his passion, he is very much open to people who will be interested in more and has kept the path to him open for all through his Instagram page that read under the name @thegreenfamilymumbai 

Martijn brings together two of the most eye catching and pleasing elements of Interior designing, one being Vintage and other being Plants. And from what we see the merger of the two is just too amazing to not stare at. Use his décor pieces for your work desk or as a central piece for your home décor the choice is yours.

The sourcing of materials for his projects is done through the antique stores and the famous Chor Bazar lanes, giving it more authentic, if you have been to Chor Bazar, you know exactly what we are talking about.

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