/A Kind Mumbaikar Soul Is Writing Letters To Strangers To Spread Hope & Smile

A Kind Mumbaikar Soul Is Writing Letters To Strangers To Spread Hope & Smile

Kind words are always appreciated even when summoned to devils. As confidence as we all may or not be, a few words of upliftment, hope or kindness makes the effects like water on fire. We all have had at least one moment in our life when our day has had been shitty but was made better or bearable and made you smile. A kind Mumbaikar is spreading more of kindness around without expecting anything in return.

Inspired by art curator and storyteller Nate Proctor who initiated the movement in the US, Priyanka Sahoo  took the inspiration from his Instagram and decided to the project in our city almost two months back.

Letters To Strangers is as simple as it sounds, she writes kind and uplifting letters to strangers in the hope that they’ll find them, and she will help in spreading a little smile on someone’s face everyday.

As Priyanka herself resides from the South Bombay region she mostly slips in her letters here around at various easily and popular spots of people’s hangout. The spots to bump into her kind words can be as random as ATM booths, bus stops, cafes or anywhere. Afterall the whole fun is bin stumbling upon them. Her go-to spots are the accessible locations, her regulars being, Tea Villa Cafe, Starbucks, Crosswords, Doolally, Cafe Coffee Day as they make for a fitting location where people generally hang out often.

She makes the envelopes herself, writes out the letters and signs them off with her name along with her email address and the account handle in case someone wants to respond.

If you stumble upon these letters, you can write back or mail Priyanka. She has gotten a few responses, but mostly she has good faith that the letters reach the right people.

You can follow her on Instagram {for clues, and more}

Since she often travels to Pune, you may find a few letters there as well. Be sure to follow her Instagram for hints.