/A Get-Together For The Core Reason To Play & Learn About Board Games

A Get-Together For The Core Reason To Play & Learn About Board Games

We have all spent our childhood playing various board games, which continued on with videos games for us 90s kid the favorite was the Mario-Kart and as time went on there came play station and then numerous mobile games as the mobile phones kept upgrading. But, the board games never lost their charm even today on family vacations and friends get together people seek back to the age old board games. Have you wondered who the creator of these amazing board games is how they created it?

Well, now you can, with Mumbai youngsters of different interests with the help of the internet and social media have been forming various interest groups and community, here is a unique one. Carpe Arte, The Club aims to build a community that supports art by engaging with artists, collectives, residencies, galleries, museums, and fellow collectors. The group organizes monthly events including talks, private collections tours, gallery walk-throughs, workshops, VIP previews, and artists’ studio visits.

This time Carpe Arte has organized a game night at Natasha’s house (Co-founder of the group) and learn more about board games that serve as an extension of contemporary art. This Sunday on July 16th you get to spend time with the creator of the board game “The Travelling Hand”.

At the meetup, founder of TARQ gallery will also talk about the art form of board games and when a game can potentially become contemporary art. The talk will be followed by a fun session wherein you get to try your hand at Gayatri Kodiak’s latest board game – The Travelling Hand.

Smelling Palimpsests Under Moonlit Mangroves is an intriguing board game by Gayatri that has been in the making for a while. She will tell us about her art {the game} and explain to us how it really works. Just to give you some context, the game is a multimedia game installation, with handmade clay tokens, a unique form of dice, and even a custom-made digital tool that will film ‘molecules’ projected on a flat surface. The idea is to engage with art. Additionally, you’ll be meeting new people, socializing with them and of course, drinking and playing.

The seats are limited so book soon!!

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